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Great Egg Harbor River Flooding
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Vince Jones with Atlantic County Emergency Management says it's not out of the ordinary to see flooding in this part of the river.

"There are a lot of turns and a lot of areas where it's very narrow for the river. Therefore, when you have this amount of water coming down here in this volume, it tends to come up and override the bank, said Jones. Typically you would be able to actually walk across from this side of the bank to the other side. But as you can see, with the level and height of the water as it comes through here, it's virtually impossible."

The river starts in Camden County, and along its path, in Hamilton Township, residents here can see the flooding effects just a few days after it rains.

"Normally this is my backyard and now it's covered in water. You can see there where the swirls are, that's where our fire pit sits," said Amy Booth, a resident who lives along the river.

"Normally there would be five more steps exposed right here. As long as the gates at the dam down at Lake Lenape work properly, we should be alright," said Joe Fenton, another resident who lives along the river.

And that's why Jones and his crew will soon be making repairs to the dam.

"Its the magnitude of storms that we've had and just the normal wear and tear. We are basically strengthening it so this way it's here for years after we're all gone," said Jones.

And although the flooding along this side of the river is inevitable, homeowners say there's nothing they can do to stop Mother Nature.

"It's just natural and it's not really annoying. We are use to it," said Booth.

"You want to live along the river because it's beautiful, but you have to deal with what comes with that. Unfortunately, this is one of those days," said Jones.

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