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Atlantic County, New Jersey
Health Services
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Health Services
Environmental Health
  • ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH HOMEPAGE - The Environmental Health Unit is responsible for investigating and monitoring environmental health concerns. Its activities include Inspections, Investigations, Education & Sampling.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL EMERGENCIES - 24 hour daily response to chemical spills, fires, or any other environmental emergency which poses an imminent danger to public health.

  • INSECT & RODENT - To report problems involving insects and rodents, call the Atlantic County Division of Public Health at 645-5971.

  • LEAD ABATEMENT SERVICES - Environmental assessments in any homes where children reside who have elevated levels of lead in their blood

  • MOSQUITO CONTROL - The Atlantic County's Mosquito Control program, first organized in 1912, carries on a program of Integrated Pest Management including inspections, biological controls, water management and public education, coordinated with the DEP and health agencies.

  • RABIES CONTROL - Information on rabies in Atlantic County.

  • RESTAURANT INSPECTIONS AND FOOD SAFETY - inspections of all restaurants and other food establishments at least once a year.

  • SEPTIC SYSTEM INSPECTION & PERMITS - Installation or repairs of a septic system requires approval by the Division of Public Health. For more information...

  • SOLID AND HAZARDOUS WASTE - Anyone with information about the illegal disposal of solid or hazardous waste are urged to call 1-800-533-DUMP, or 645-5971.

  • WELL WATER TESTING - At cost testing for well water bacteria, nitrates, volatile organic chemicals, lead, mercury and other metals.