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The N.J. Division of Highway Traffic Safety is pleased to present our crash investigation course schedules for fiscal year 2016. Our highly qualified instructors will be teaching the New Jersey based Kean University courses Basic Crash Investigation and Advanced Crash Investigation. The Vehicle Dynamics curriculum, offered as a stand alone course in the past, is now part of the Advanced Crash Investigation course.

Taught by members of the Institute of Police Technology and Management, Collision Reconstruction along with an array of other Specialty Courses will be offered this year as well. The coordinators for the Crash Investigation Training Program are SGT Jay Wolf (NJSP) 609-633-9198, and SGT Joan Bloom (NJSP) 609-633-9306.

As in the past all courses are funded through a grant maintained by the Division of Highway Traffic Safety and there is no charge or fees to students. It should again be noted that there is a significant amount of algebra in all courses. It is suggested that those with weak algebra skills consider refreshing their math abilities prior to enrollment. A scientific calculator is needed for all classes.

Please note that the Division of Highway Traffic Safety does not enroll students. You must call the numbers listed for each class or enroll online at the respective academy website.

This is a Specialty Course offered by the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety (DHTS). As a pre-requisite for this course, all students must have already taken Crash Investigation II.

Space is available on a first come basis and registrations should be faxed to 609-407-6717 unless otherwise noted please. File is in PDF format. Registration Form

Currently schedule for this course.

June 6, 2016-June 10, 2016 - Time:  0830-1630  Tuition:  None