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Atlantic County, New Jersey
Public Safety
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Atlantic County, New Jersey
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Public Safety

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Atlantic County Emergency Alert System

The Atlantic County, Office of Emergency Preparedness has developed an Alert System to keep our residents and visitors informed of emergent information regarding weather events, large scale emergencies, homeland security information and special emergency preparedness information. This system was developed to keep you, the members of our community, better informed and prepared should an emergency or disaster occur.

The Alert System Message Symbols will be posted throughout Atlantic County Government's web site. The Symbols will only appear when an active alert is posted. Please check back frequently as alerts change as new information is developed. Bookmark our home page to quickly find any alerts that are currently posted.

Alert System Message Symbols
Weather Alert Symbol
Weather alerts are posted when a weather system has the potential to effect the population of the County. Weather Alerts are classified as Low, Elevated or Severe based on information from the National Weather Service and the amount of impact expected from the system.
Emergency Alert Symbol
An Emergency Alert is posted when a non-weather event or disaster is effecting the county. Specific preparedness information will be provided with any emergency instructions for the public should they be necessary.
Homeland Security Alert Symbol
A Homeland Security Alert will be posted based on the National Homeland Security Alert System. Information will be provided as to the nature of the Alert status change and links will be provided for additional information. For more information on the Homeland Security Alert System, click here.
County Closings Alert Symbol
Events sometimes effect the operation of Atlantic County Government. If an event changes the usual day to day operations, specific closings, delayed openings or curtailed services will be posted through this alert.