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PARKS and Facilities

Camp Acagisca of Atlantic County

Camp AcagiscaThis tract of land was formerly a Girl Scout camp, but is now owned by Atlantic County and operated by the Atlantic County Division of Parks and Recreation. Located at 6755 Weymouth Road (Route 559) the camp is bordered by the Great Egg Harbor River to the east. Camping facilities are reserved through the Lake Lenape Reservation Office at (609) 625-8219. There is a Low Ropes Challenge Course at Camp Acagisca. Instruction for this course can be arranged by calling (609) 625-1897.

Cologne Avenue

This large tract was obtained to preserve the valuable role its streams play as a buffer protecting run off into the Great Egg Harbor River Watershed. Several major tributaries consisting of Babcock Creek, Mankiller Branch and Adams Branch run through the length of this property. The property hosts an extensive road and trail system ideal for hiking and mountain biking. Of special interest are the large and open flood plains along the stream beds. Call (609) 625-8219 for directions and parking options.

Egg Harbor Township Tract

This new acquisition lies along Pine Ave. in Egg Harbor Township. Consisting of 308 acres this upland property provides needed open space in this fast developing section of the County

Estell Manor Park


This park is located 3.5 miles south of Mays Landing on Route 50. It is bordered by the Great Egg Harbor River / South River to the east and by Route 50 to the west. In all, it is about 1700 acres large. Estell Manor Park has many trails, athletic fields, picnic areas and is the location of the Warren Fox Nature Center. 

CLICK HERE for more information about Estell Manor Park.

John F. Gaffney Green Tree Golf CourseGreentree Golf Course

The Atlantic County Green Tree Golf Course was acquired by the county in 1992 using funding from the New Jersey Green Acres program. The course was part of a 193 acre tract obtained as part of Atlantic County's on-going efforts to preserve open space.

CLICK HERE for more information about the John F. Gaffney Green Tree Golf Course.

Galloway Tract

This tract of land is located in the Galloway Township section of Atlantic County, and encompasses over 371 acres. It can be accessed through Highlands Ave., Seaview Ave., Jimmie Leeds Road, or Great Creek Road. Hiking and biking are allowed here. Hunting occurs here during the winter months, hunting (bow, shotgun, and muzzleloader).

Gaskill Park

Gazebo at Gaskill ParkThis beautiful park is located at the bulkhead of the Great Egg Harbor River in Mays Landing. It is easily accessible to the public, where one can enjoy picnicking, fishing (with a license), walking, or just sitting and watching. This park is an excellent opportunity for photography because of the SPECTACULAR landscaping done by park staff and volunteers. This park is also a very popular spot for weddings, which are usually held in the gazebo. For information about reservations at Gaskill contact Park Headquarters at (609) 625-8219.

Boat moored at the bulkheadYou may also moor your boat on the bulkhead, but you have to call the Park office at (609) 625 8219 for regulations and permit information. There is a playground and seasonal bathroom facilities here, and the Atlantic County library in Mays Landing is just steps away.

Gaskill Park was once a deep water port in Mays Landing during the Revolutionary War period. Four-masted schooners could pull into the port to load and unload supplies.


Lake Lenape Parks

Lake Lenape BoathouseLake Lenape Park East and Lake Lenape Park West are located in Hamilton Township and together encompass nearly 2,000 acres of land. Each park offers a variety of activities and facilities for residents and visitors to enjoy with its own entrance and access points. Boating is allowed on the lake with proper permits as required.

CLICK HERE for more information about Lake Lenape Parks.

Leeds' Point Natural Area

This is located in Galloway Township, and accessed through Leeds Point Road, off of Route 9 in Oceanville. It is a small parcel of land (slightly over 4 acres), but nevertheless is an extremely valuable natural area. Hiking and biking are allowed.

Oscar E. McClinton, Jr. Waterfront Park

McClinton ParkLocated on New Hampshire Avenue in Atlantic City. This park has been named in memory of Oscar E. McClinton, Jr. who was an Atlantic City resident who gave unselfishly of his time and talent to the community. This park is located on 4 acres in the Northeast section of Atlantic City which emphasizes waterfront themes. It features a large open lawn area surrounded by a colonnade and decorative paved walkways. A central pavilion provides scenic views of the Absecon Inlet and functions as a protected sitting area. This park also includes a children's play area and a Boardwalk promenade.

Penny Pot Park of Atlantic County

This is a small parcel of land (about 20 acres) located at Spur 561 and Eighth Ave. (right off of Route 322) in Folsom. Generally Penny Pot Park is used as a starting point for canoe trips along the Great Egg Harbor River (non-tidal section). From this starting point, you can go all the way down to Lake Lenape, stopping at Weymouth Furnace, Camp Acagisca and then Lake Lenape. The Park System does not rent canoes but there are other campgrounds that rent and transport for a fee.

Pine Avenue

This tract of over 400 acres has an extensive internal trail system. Horseback riding options abound as well as hiking and Mountain bike riding trails. Access is gained along Park frontage on Pine Avenue.

Riverbend Park of Atlantic County

This tract of land is located in Egg Harbor Township, along the eastern shore of the Great Egg Harbor River. Riverbend properties consist of 1294 acres, and can be accessed by Mays Landing - Somers Point Road, Betsey Scull Road, or Lida Avenue. Hiking and biking and horseback riding occur here. The Firearms Training Facility is located within the Riverbend Tract.

CLICK HERE for more information on the Firearms Training Facility.

Atlantic County Park at Weymouth Furnace

Smokestack at Weymouth Furnace ParkThis park is located on Route 559 (Weymouth Road) just north of Route 322. It is about 11 acres. This was the original site of an iron furnace and paper mill in the 1800's, located right on the Great Egg Harbor River (non-tidal). Now it is a good site to load or unload your canoe or kayak, or a good picnic site. There are seasonal port-a-pot facilities. Take care not to damage the ruins that can still be seen.

CLICK HERE for more about historic sites in our parks.

Whirlpool Island

Whirlpool Island is a bay island located off the Northfield mainland, but is in the jurisdiction of Egg Harbor Township. It is located in Lakes Bay and only accessible by boat. The Atlantic County Office of Mosquito Control periodically visits Whirlpool Island and reports a viable nesting area. Not many people are aware of the island, because of its limited access.

Veteran's Memorial Park

Located on the corner of Fire and Zion Roads in Bargaintown, Egg Harbor Township. This area is dedicated to those who served.

If you have any questions about Atlantic County Parks and Recreation
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